California Rabbit Shows

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Oct 31 - Nov 4, 2015

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California Rabbitries

The rabbit breeders listed below are located through out California. This rabbitry list has been compiled through our own browsing as well as request from rabbitry owners.

If you are a rabbit breeder in California and would like your rabbitry listed, please complete our submission form below.

ARBA Registration
3B's Rabbitry L056 American, American Sable, Beveren, Lilac, Netherland, Mini Rex, Thrianta,Lops Manteca
All Ear's Rabbitry   American Fuzzy Lops, Trianta, Florida White Bakersfield
B & K Rabbitry   Californians Turlock  
B & L Rabbitry U031 Mini Rex, Mini Satins, Satins Lake Elsinore
B.J.'s Bunnies K0224 Holland Lops, Mini Rex, Mini Satin Lake Isabella  
Bandit's Bunny Farm   Mini Rex, Mini Lop Los Banos
Berleana's Place Rabbitry A454 Mini Rex Brea
Blue Velvet Rabbitry U470 Holland Lop, Netherland Dwarf, Flemish Giants Murrieta
Buck and Heel Ranch X695 Flemish Giant Valley Center
Buff Puff Bunnies   Lionhead, Holland Lops Cameron Park  
Bunnies Friend Rabbitry   Flemish Giants Anza
Bunny Barn Farms Z503 Polish Gilroy
C&M Rabbitry   Netherland Dwarfs Salinas
Calero Creek Rabbitry   Mini Rex San Jose
Cali Girls Rabbitry D3959 French Lop, Mini Lops, Holland Lop Vacaville
Californian Bunny   Californians Julian (San Diego)
Carters Cuties Barns   Polish, Himalayans, Harlequins, Thriantas, Californians, Rhinelanders Sanger
Central Coast Rex Rabbitry C287 Rex Santa Maria
Cherry Leporidae Rabbitry D197 Beveran, Netherland Dwarf, American Sable, Lilac, English Lops, Mini Rex Auburn
CHP Rabbitry B240 New Zealand Reds, Mariposa
Cover Girl's Rabbitry   Americans, Havanas Santa Rosa  
Diablo View Rabbitry   American Chinchilla, Holland Lop, New Zealand Red, Silver Marten Walnut Creek  
Double J Rabbitry   Californians, New Zealands Livingston  
FCL Rabbit Farm   Florida White, California, Mini Lop, Holland Lop Atascaddro
Feather Farm Rabbitry   Mini Rex, Velveteen Lop, Belgian Hare
Four Treasures Rabbits   Mini Lop California
Gallardo Rabbitry   Netherland dwarfs Azusa  
Gard's Lops O' Luck Rabbitry B45 Holland Lop Upper Lake
Hipp Hopp Express   Lion heads, Netherland Dwarfs Fresno  
Hopscotch Buns D1322 Holland Lop, Lionhead Citrus Heights
Hugsy's Rabbitry   Himalayans, Tans, Harlequins
Iron Mountain Rabbitry B496 Netherland Dwarf Sacramento
Jewel's Rabbitry A-220 Havana Gilroy
JG Rabbitry   Californians Orcutt  
Legan's Lovable Lops   Mini Lops, Holland Lops Bakersfield
Lewis Creek Rabbitry   Mini Lop, New Zealand, Californian, Rex, American Chinchilla King City  
Little Angels C-272 Netherland Dwarf Sacramento  
LJC Rabbitry   French Lops, American Sables, Cinnamons Briggs  
Lupin Lapin Rabbitry D1071 Lilac Oakley
Mother Jones Rabbitry   American Blues and Whites San Rafael
Mountain Ash Rabbitry Y583 English Lops Thriantas Ranchita  
Mt. Olympus Rabbitry   Holland Lop, Netherlands, Rhinelanders, Mini Rex Placerville
MUSD Rabbitry   Californians Manteca  
Northwood Giants B-483 Flemish Giants Sacramento  
Picture perfect Mini Rex and AFL   Mini Rex, American Fuzzy Lop Santa Margarita
Ponderosa Bunny Ranch D427 Lionhead, Mini Rex Riverside
Precious Fuzzy Farm   American Fuzzy Lop Gilroy
Rahbiah's Rabbitry   Netherland Chino
RKA Rabbitry   French Lop, Mini Rex, Holland Lop, Netherland Dwarf, Mini Lop Bakersfield
Rodriguez Rabbitry   American Sable, Netherland dwarfs, Mini Rex Placerville  
Roe's Bunny Farm D1954 Americans, Beverens, Palominos, Champagnes, Cremes, NZW and others Lodi
S&S Dutch Rabbitry D1039 Dutch, Belgian Hares Brentwood  
Sarah's Bunny Barn   Mini Lops Riverside
Sassy's Bunny Barn & Star Farms   Holland Lops Willows  
Shinobi Rabbitry   Netherland Dwarfs Beaumont
Sky High Lops & Dwarfs A035 Holland Lop, Netherland Dwarf Napa
Stone Soup Farm   Californians Fort Bragg
Sunniebunnie Rabbitry W415 Lynx San Diego
TanBuns Rabbitry   American Chinchilla, Giant Chinchilla, New Zealand, American, Tan Salinas
Three Sons Rabbitry D056 Holland Lop Hemet
Thumper's Friends Rabbitry D400 Mini Lop, Mini Rex, Polish, Californians Woodland
Thunders Rabbitry   Flemish Giant, Mini Rex Lincoln
Trickster Hares   Beveren, Blanc de Hotot, American Blue, Dwarf Hotot, Lionhead, Belgian Hare Occidental
Triple E Rabbitry & Caviary   Polish, Dutch, Californians & Cavies College City
Weed Flemish Giants   Flemish Giants, French Angoras Weed
West Central Rabbitry   French Lop, Flemish Giant, Californians Le Grand
West Coast Rabbits   Dutch, Californians and Britannia Petites Gilroy
WildHeart Bunnies   American Fuzzy Lop, MiniLop, Polish, English Spot Chico  
Wroyal Reign Lops   English Lop, American Fuzzy Lop Paso Robles


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